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What is this site about?

A lot of stuff is the simple answer. This blog is as much about the field of Library and Information Science as me trying to build a career there. So, maybe that’s focus enough. I have interests and areas of focus, but why limit all that. I prefer to let this site’s content evolve as I work on it.

Libraries are complicated and large tents, so I don’t want to rule anything out. The rules are: keep it fun, keep it interesting, keep on keeping on.

But what is a reference bomb?

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a picture of this site's master!

a picture of this site's master!

Stirling Prentice! Me! (Professional Profile)

I am what I like to call a ronin librarian, a librarian without a library.  Another way to put it: under-employed graduate schleping through a menial customer service job until he can move up to the big show.

I graduated with my MLIS degree about a year ago and I’m using this website as an opportunity to keep my librarian mind fresh and limber.¬†Rather than wait for a library to find me, I’m taking librarian life to the streets, both literal and figurative.

Want to learn more about me? Check out my professional profile.