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Walk the Moon: dancy dancin'

Today is my last day at NRC-CISTI. Neat. On Monday, I’ll be starting at the Ottawa Public Library as their newest Integrated Library Systems Librarian (It’s important because it has library in it twice!). In between, I’m going to hocking my shirts etc. at the Wolfe Island Music Festival. I’m sitting in a triangle of sweet times.

Here are my pics from this week’s library soundtrack.

Walk the Moon (I’m a sucker for schmaltzy indie-pop. No apologies)

Belle & Sebastian

The Vaccines

See you all soon from a new cube! Have a great weekend!

They are some frankly pretty cook kids, indeed.

This Friday, where I am, means another long weekend! I’m using the free time to make shirts for a wicked music festival next weekend. But, before the weekend comes is the work week and the work week’s musical accompaniment. Here are some highlights.

The Cool Kids

Gold Panda

Ohbijou NEW NEW NEW Yessss!

For people in a different sort of listening mood, I highly recommend Dan Carlin’s Fall of the Roman Republic – a pretty engaging 10 hour free audiobook about, obviously, the fall of the Roman Republic.

Have a great weekend, long or otherwise!

Okkervil River are in your backyard, maybe.

Well… heat wave…. enough said. At least work has AC. So I’m happy to be here and cool in my cubicle. Here’s what has been in my ears this week.

Cults (easily a front runner for my Album of Summer 2011)

Okkervil River (an exciting return)

Phoenix (Album of Summer 2009)

Have a great weekend. Try and stay cool. (Hints: Visit your public library! Or get thee to the beach!)

Lousie Burns is of the forest.

Friday’s here! My workday soundtrack has been filled with a couple epic moments. For instance, my geeky prog-punk-metal heart as obliged me to attempt Coheed and Cambria’s space epic, which I didn’t not get all the way through (… it’s like 5 albums! And really cheesy…). Here are a few of my less serialized (maybe less epic) pics form this week.


Louise Burns(a great new find via the Polaris Long List.)

The Wooden Sky

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Hey Rossetta, eat up.


Canada Day is tomorrow, so my week is ending a day early (whereas our American neighbours are starting their next week a little late.). I’m going to  do the predictable thing and be “all Canadian”, which would be a thing if I wasn’t sort of mostly Canadian in these posts already. Anyways, here are some “all Canadian” songs that I liked and listened to this week.


Young Galaxy

Hey Rosetta

Have a great long weekend (at some point, wherever you are)! Oh, Canada.

Again! A week done! Personally, I have my fingers crossed for some sun and some ribs! But right now, it means Library Sound Track day. This week, I have for you a couple new Canadian finds and a slightly older, more New Jerseyier fav.

Little Scream

Doug Paisley

Titus Andronicus

Have a great weekend!

One of the Junior Boys is about to say "Let's get serious for a second."

Yesterday the Polaris Prize Long List dropped. This list is often more interesting than some top-tens at New Years. Anyways, here are my picks from my workweek soundtrack – dripping with some syrupy indie-CanCon pride. Enjoy.


The Weeknd

Junior Boys (Not on the list this year, so here’s a consolatory double whammy!)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Russian Futurists off to the races.

It’s been a pretty solid week, and it has left me feeling very librarian-y. So, in honour of that and of Friday here are some of my workday soundtrack highlights.

Stars (remixed by Final Fantasy).

Some vintage Broken Social Scene.

Newish Russian Futurists.

Have a great weekend!

Grouplove offers some advice.

I shouldn’t complain because my week was shortened by a 4-day weekend, jet-setish vacation, but what days I have worked have been a tough slog. I came back to deadlines, change-ups, and newly vague projects. At least the library sound track plays on, even if I don’t have much time for regular blogging. Here’s some music that helped.


New Bon Iver!

Chad Vangaalen!

Have a great weekend!

Hooded Fang: practice space plus kitten!

It’s the May 2-4 in Canada. In honour of the long weekend, here is a Library SoundTrack post featuring songs for the car, the bus, the deck, the dock, the beach, whatever. Have some fun, crack a beer, get your conversation on. In Canada, this weekend is the summer’s starter pistol. Bang! Let’s go.

First, Seattle’s The Head and the Heart.

Vancouver’s congenial-as-all-get-out Dan Mangan.

Toronto’s Hooded Fang.

and Purity Ring (from somewhere in Canada).

Have a great weekend!